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Many different plastics can be thermoformed using the vacuum
forming process, these include:

? HDPE: More commonly known as Polythene and is used to make motorcycle chain guards and mud guards.

? HIPS (high impact polystyrene sheets): More commonly known as Polystyrene, a cosmetic plastic that is commonly used to make medical syringe trays.

? PETG: More commonly known as Polycarbonate.
It is a strong plastic that can be transparent, UV stable and used in food and pharmaceutical machinery. Thick polycarbonate is also durable enough to be bullet proof. Polycarbonate is used to make the shell of some motorcycle helmets and is the material normally used for visors. Vacuum Formers undertakes bespoke molding of Polcycarbonate in all forms of the plastic.

? UV Special Grade Polycarbonate.

logo-bullet Lamp bowls for street lighting for local councils.
logo-bullet Train headlight covers.
logo-bullet Washer filter covers.
logo-bullet Suzuki DRZ 400 headlamp covers.
logo-bullet DMU 180 Lens. Food Grade Polycarbonate.
logo-bullet Chutes for breakfast cereal manufacturing and packaging.
logo-bullet Machine parts, such as funnels, for pharmaceutical applications

? High strength Polycarbonate applications.

logo-bullet Medical oxygen hoods.
logo-bullet Riot shields for the police.

Polycarbonate, like many other plastics absorbs water from the air which can cause problems in moulding. Polycarbonate needs to be dried in a large oven for 3 days before it can be shaped or the water that the polycarbonate has absorbed forms bubbles in the final mouldings. During thermoforming, overheating can cause the polycarbonate to stretch and become too thin.
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