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logo-bullet Creative Approaches
Vacuum Formers undertakes a wide variety of plastic moulding projects for both industry and individuals. We're always happy to discuss a project with no obligation. Please have a look through the examples of our work and don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you.

Vacuum Formers manufacture custom plastic mouldings for a variety of purposes. Many of our customers initially approach us unsure if the item they need can be produced. We can fulfil these requests efficiently and cost effectively, as we are experienced in finding plastic engineering solutions when there doesn't appear to be an immediate answer. 

For those customers who have specific requirements we are happy to present a creative approach to the project. Vaccum Formers Ltd has a large and loyal industrial customer base because of our unique approach. We strongly believe that vacuum formed items can be in many colours, not just grey or black. In our dedicated workshop we stock a variety of coloured and transparent plastics. Vacuum Formers' staff are always happy to demonstrate how an item can have qualities other than just been functional.
logo-bullet Millennium Moulded Case Distribution Systems Ltd
Vacuum Formers were awarded a contract to manufacture plastic housings. We'd looked at their plans and could see no reason why they had to be produced in black or grey plastic. We made miniature versions to show Millennium how we thought their housing could be produced.

Miniature versions of the housing were presented in bright primary colours and Millennium thought they were fantastic. The plastic housing was produced in multi-colours and is now one of the things that makes Millennium distinctive from their competitors. The M.D. of Millennium still keeps the plastic miniature versions that we presented on his desk.
logo-bullet EDL Lighting
We were contacted when a light bowl needed to be designed and manufactured for a ground mounted wash light. This light needed to be vandal resistant and competitively priced as well as providing a high intensity wash of light. We presented to EDL Lighting our proposed solution and a prototype was developed. The Triplux Millennium Base Luminaire went into production and has been installed in many locations for various applications including public buildings, churches, hotels, monuments, statues and traffic signs.
logo-bullet Light Bowls
We have contracts with local authorities to provide replacement light bowls for roadside amenity lighting. These are long held agreements and evidence of our ability to always meet a deadline and provide a competitive service. In addition to these contracts we also have the capabilities to provide other mouldings and fabrications such as roadside column mountings and period fittings. Vacuum Formers can provide any necessary quantity of lighting fitments for street lights, whether as a one off, or for a large order. Click Here for our light bowl price list.
logo-bullet Motorbike Components
John Shirt, a trials bike specialist, was fed up with spending a fortune on replacing the rear mudguard on his motor bike. It was always being snapped due to the mounting being solid. He knew that there must be a better alternative and approached Vacuum Formers with his idea. We worked closely with John on initial designs and produced a prototype for him to test. The end product is a guard made of 4mm polythene - which is about as a tough as you get. It was secured to the motorbike with flexible zip ties to allow a degree of give on impact, the mounting holes were reinforced and metal ferrules fitted as standard. The mudguard went into full production and is now available for retail in either red or white.

logo-bullet Medical Mouldings
Europa Scientific are a company who design and manufacture medical items. They came to us when they needed assistance producing a post operative oxygen mask. The plastic needed to be highly durable and capable of being sterilised. We have great knowledge of the types of plastic available and were able to quickly select the correct material.
logo-bulletEaster Eggs
We were pleased to offer assistance to Cheshire Confectionery who came to us with an unusual request. They were attempting to produce an extremely large chocolate easter egg and had problems finding a mould that met their requirements. We were able to make them this mould and we even helped them out when it came to removing the chocolate from the mould. Cheshire Confectionery were delighted with the result and so was the recipient of the enormous easter egg!
We were visiting a tourist mine and noticed that after the visitors had finished using the hard hats, they were thrown untidily into boxes. It didn't take us long to come up with a better solution. We produced and tested a prototype of a moulded plastic 'head' for the hard hats to be stored on when not in use. When we presented this to the tourist mine they were amazed at how simple and effective our solution was. The plastic heads were soon put into position on custom made shelves and are still in use today.
logo-bulletMake Up trays asked us to produce cosmetic trays to display and enhance their fantastic range of well known beauty products. We were only too happy to assist them!
logo-bulletPhone lockbox
We were asked to produce a lockbox for mobile phones that could be fitted to a car dashboard and secured by a padlock. This deters thiefs from taking your mobile phone which you may have left in your car and alternatively, can incorporate a tracking system for staff & vehicle monitoring.
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